Sunday, June 21, 2015

Theory Of Bad Luck (厄运的理论)


I supposed this is for the first time you may hear such a theory being presented openly. So, what is the theory of bad luck really about?

What causes bad luck?

Well, bad luck in the eyes of an oculist is a combination of events that may strike a person. Perhaps you already noticed that disasters come in pairs or series? For example: a consecutive occurrence of earthquake followed by monsoon rain then flood and epidemic besieging a village.

It is of an oculist's interest to investigate what really brings bad luck. In my humble opinion that many reasons constituted to bad luck. Below are some factors bringing about bad luck:

·         Human factors
·         Spiritual factors
·         Environmental factors

Human factors

Human factors that could bring bad luck again are:

·         Ignorance
o   Human can be at time too engrossed in their own worldly work that they have ignored of the presence of dangers. For example: landslides and flash floods all have signs before occurrences. If one purchase a house built behind a slope then he/she is taking the risk of facing landslides in future if not now.
·         Laziness
o   If one sleeps in his/her house and refuses to work out his/her body; then the person’s luck would not be good. A jobless person should ideally perform some charity work in order to boost his/her luck.

Spiritual factors

Bad lucks can be caused by spirits as well:

·         Weak guardian spirits
·         Ancestral spirits
·         Earthbound spirits
·         Spirits possessing a person
·         The person’s previous bad karma

Environmental factors

A change in one’s environmental situation can also causes bad luck:

·         Changes due to marriage
·         Changes due to moving house
·         Changes due to house renovations
·         External environmental changes due to new building, bridges, telecom towers etc being built in the vicinity
·         House built on previous cemetery or battlefield


Perhaps now we can safely define ‘bad luck’ as the resultant force of human, spiritual and environmental factors. In fact, all of the above factors can be dealt with to minimize the effect of bad luck. Of course, a person must have perseverance and hardworking also.

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