Saturday, June 13, 2015

More Lupan Black Magic (鲁班黑咒术)

Lupan magic is mainly practised by artisans and builders of old China and parts of Vietnam amongst the Chinese. This type of magic is believed to be extinct now days.

Below are just some simple yet lethal Lupan magic that can be used to curse a household:

1.      If one hides a picture of lady ghost with spreading hairs in the main house pole, then people who dwell in the house will die soon.
2.      If one puts a small coffin inside the main pole or in central beam of a living room, then whoever live in the house shall die.
3.      If one draws a Han character ‘’ (sun) encircling by some patterns on a piece of paper and that this paper is hid above one’s main door, then people who dwells in the house shall fall sick and always bedridden.
4.      If one puts a bowl and one piece chopsticks, then whoever stays there shall be a bagger.
5.      If one hides a piece of paper with two knives drawn on it on the left side of the door bream, then whoever stays in the house shall be imprisoned due to man slaughter.
6.      If one draws the image of a white tiger with its head facing inwards and that this drawing is hid on the main brim, then people who stay in the house shall have endless of court cases and the lady owner shall always be sick.
7.      If one hides a piece of broken roof tile and a piece of broken saw in main pole or main beam, then whoever stays there shall broke and die.
8.      If one hides 7 pieces of iron nails inside the main beam or pole, then the number of dwellers shall remain the same. In the event of newborns or marriages, then some of the household members shall leave the house or die.
9.      If one writes the word ‘’ (imprison) and hide the paper between seems of pole and beam, then whoever stays there shall be imprisoned.
10.  If one hides a knife wrapped with human hair, then the male occupants shall become a monk.

In old days, Lupan magic is very much feared of because this type of magic affects a whole household. When Lupan magic is cast, it is extremely difficult to detect who is the culprit as gadgets are normally concealed within the walls. Unless renovation works are done, this may be another 10 years later that a curse sees the light; by then serious damage is already done.

Having said so, people who practise Lupan magic are cursed so that they would be single, poor and short lived. No wonder it is difficult to find a Lupan magic practitioner now days. If you are in doubt of the power of Lupan magic, then please ask the old Chinese and Vietnamese and they shall tell you their stories.

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