Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spiritual Interferences & Illnesses According To Ages (年龄层的灵障)

A person does not suffer from similar spiritual problems throughout his/her life. Certain age groups are prone to certain spiritual problems:

1~15 year age group:

Typical spiritual problems of this age group are normally related to mental distresses; for example a youth may not want to go to school, victims of domestic violent, bully and abuses and other similar problems. The reason to these troubles is that the mental state of youth is still not yet stabilized and that they are more prone to bad karma of their ancestors. Hence young people are likely to be influenced by their ancestral and parental spiritual interferences.

20~30 year age group:

When a person enters into adulthood, his/her life becomes more complex, there shall be problems due to working and marriage. As a person’s social circle expands, the more people one mixes, then more spiritual interfaces one shall face.

Also a person’s guardian spirits summoned through religious and other practices including one’s sexual orientations could also affect one’s brain wavelength. If a person’s wavelength fluctuates rapidly, this shall give rise to the person being treated as ‘temperamental’ and a loner; he/she would feel that he/she is the ‘odd man’s out’. When a person is rejected by his/her peer group; then the person especially ladies will feel lonely and has low morale. At this point, the person shall suffer from melancholy, hysteria, dysautonomia (自律神经失调) and other syndrome. Men however are more prone to illnesses caused by mental stresses such as gastritis (胃炎), ulcer (胃溃疡), migraine (偏头疼) etc.

40~50 years age group:

When a person enters middle age, then most of his/person’s spiritual obstacles would be concerning earthbound spirits. A ‘master of a house’ shall be especially prone to troubles created by earthbound spirits. Perhaps when one enters in to 40~50 years, he/she would somehow like to purchase new properties or at least perform some house renovations; or one would engage in agricultural activities or anything related to land. Whatever case that might be, all of those activities would stimulate those earthbound spirits and this is precisely why a middle age group are more prone to be harmed by earthbound spirits.

Perhaps it is also due to overfatigue during younger days that middle aged people tends to suffer from cancers, heart disease, stroke etc.


For many years psychics have identified certain diseases are caused by spiritual interferences; including the homosexual issues. Although psychologists of modern days think homosexual is normal behaviour. This is a sensitive issue, but perhaps we shall see what homosexuality is in Asian spiritual perspectives. 

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