Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lupan Magic Vs Patron Goddess Lim (鲁班术与林奶夫人)

I was a victim of Lupan black magic by accident.

About 15 years ago, my late dad was very eager to get an apartment in Penang; so he shopped around and found this secondhand apartment in Bayan Baru. To tell you the truth, I am lukewarm on buying the property as I felt something wasn’t right. However I purchased the apartment just to satisfy my dad’s enthusiasm.

Sad to say that my dad didn’t get to enjoy the apartment as he was diagnosed as suffering pancreas cancer and passed away one year later. I let the apartment empty for a few more years and treated it as storage for my antique ritual stuffs.

One day, I met an old lady familiar of the background of my apartment and according to her the previous owner of that apartment who owned a casting foundry has gone bankrupt; and that the apartment was meant for his brother to stay. Unfortunately too, the person’s brother died as soon as that apartment was bought.

Now the apartment has taken two lives directly or indirectly. I couldn’t find out what was wrong and that my career wasn’t doing too good either until I decided to take a long holiday and visited my aunty who was staying in Fujian, China.

My aunt used to be a medium of Goddess Nanny Lim (林奶夫人) from Lu Shan Sect (闾山) and this goddess is the patron goddess of my mom’s family side. The good old aunt gave me a buffalo horn and a coin sword that can make rattling noise when being shaken. She taught me a few trance dance steps as I had expressed interest in her rituals. If I have not been mistaken, the steps were known as the “steps of 3 nannies” (三奶夫人罡步).

I was planning to stay with my aunt for a week or so, but on the third day of my trance dancing; I was suddenly possessed by the Goddess Nanny Lim. As it was narrated to me by my aunt, I was asked to return to my apartment in Penang due to urgent matters by Nanny Lim. Her further instruction was to hack my toilets and I shall know my problems automatically.

So I had to cut short my stay and the first thing I returned home. Coincidentally the tenants downstairs contacted me about water leaked from my toilet (no complaints for 15 years surprisingly!). So I called upon a local contractor to hack my toilets to investigate. As soon as some demolition work is done, the workers found an old coin sitting under toilet bowl, and the sewerage pipe has got three big holes…

Now it was apparent that some artisan has put a curse on the owner of the apartment by intentionally leaking shit waters to impregnate that particular apartment; and that every time someone sitting on the toilet bowl, some money of the owner would be lost. No wonder my luck wasn’t too good!

While I was having my leakages fixed, I tried to find out the culprit but only later learnt that the person was brooked too and his company closed down a few years back. Perhaps it was the person’s bad karma that has ended his business; unfortunately I was just an unwary victim of the circumstances. Perhaps I would return to Fujian and search out this illusive Lupan magic in near future just to satisfy my curiosity of course...

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