Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Who Tends To Be Possessed? (谁会鬼上身?)

Some signs of people easily possessed...

Not everyone can and ease to be possessed by spirits, only a selected few persons with below features can be possessed:

Facial features

·         People who maybe ease to be possessed have a facial shape of inversed triangle, or the face looks extremely flat.
·         The colors of their faces would be predominantly green and white.
·         Their eyes would be very dull or these folks would have a habit to veer at people.
·         Their ears would be small, thin and in some instances their ears have no earlobes.
·         The brows would also be very thin or scarce.
·         Their cheeks would be low and greyish in color.
·         Their nose would be low and that the nose would seems to be small proportional to the face.
·         Their teeth are uneven.
·         Their philtrum is shallow, short or with mole.


·         The way these people walk flighty and not stable, or that their heels tends to be lifted while they walk.
·         These people tend to frequently turn their heads while they walk.
·         They would walk in a lethargic way and slow or they would walk as if in a rush.
·         These folks can hardly sit upright and tend to lean on their back or sides.
·         Some of these folks like to sleep with blanket covering their heads.


·         They are normally weak in spirits and they can be easily swayed.
·         They have vivid imaginations.
·         They are normally cold and cruel.
·         People with evil intent
·         They are normally timid and easily panic
·         They are normally pessimists

Unfortunately, I have come across many people with the above signs and they do not admit that they have problems. Last but not least, as you can see; not everyone can be possessed! So, drop me a mail if you need help. 

Of course, one's palm can also give us a tell-tale signs too...

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