Sunday, June 14, 2015

Marriage Is Legal & Spiritual Binding Affair (婚姻与灵界)

In Chinese’s belief, when a couple is getting married; they are not only legally bound together but also spiritually. Even just a gesture of going to registrar of marriages to put down their names, the coupled is believed to have bounded legally and spiritually. When I say so, I mean that the husband and wife are at the same time ‘connected’ into the energy web of their partners. Hence whatever the husband does will also affects the well beings of the wife side.

If this sounds too complicated, then let me tell you a story of Johnny and his ‘false’ wife:

Johnny was offered a ‘false’ marriage by a Chinese social escort with rewards of some free sexual services and money so that the lady can stay in Malaysia. The lady’s purpose is very simple: to earn money…

One year later today, Johnny is besieging by court cases and in the verge of being declared insolvency. He is now barred from travelling abroad and that his mother is suffering melancholy and she has attempted suicide once. Luckily the old lady survived falling from 2nd floor but her mental state was not very stable.

Finally Johnny ended in front of my door step and wanting to find out the source of his problems. It was also out of my curiosity that I have agreed to perform a Taoist service known as ‘travelling to underworld’ (观落阴) to ‘look see, look see’ Johnny’s underworld home…

According to Lu Shan Sect view, each person shall have a house in the underworld and by going into the person’s underworld house; questions of his/her present situations can be answered and remedied.

So the following night I performed the prescribed ritual and found that Johnny’s underworld bedroom was filled with used condoms, other people’s clothing and rubbish amongst other stuffs. After I had seen enough, I performed the cleansing ritual and that should hold for a while.

After I have completed the ‘underworld cleansing’ ritual, I called upon Johnny and advised him to ‘divorce’ his false wife as every time the lady social escort having intimacy with other men; rubbish would be dumped into Johnny’s underworld’s house thus pulling down not only Johnny’s luck, but also all his siblings’ luck and his mother’s too. If I am to explain in Taoist term, then this is because each individual person is connected spiritually by an invisible chord into his family blood line; hence whatever this person does, his/her ancestors will be affected too. No wonder old folks always advise us to ‘watch the good name of our forefathers’!

Let’s return to the story proper… I can only advise Johnny to officially ‘divorce’ his wife so that further spiritual rubbish can be prevented from continuously being dumped into his family bloodline. Otherwise Johnny may have bigger headache to come in near future. This is indeed a lesson learnt because it is true that our legal world could also affect the spiritual world too…


  1. Dear Arjan Perng,

    this sounds like serious matter. So even a fake marriage is count
    like a spiritual bond. My questions is :
    "Are there other cases where one create such a spiritual bond?"
    and "Since one can not change others than oneself, how can one help oneself from their deeds (without hurting them or change their decision)that effects because of ones spiritual bond, since one mostly dont know what they do?"

    Best regards

    1. Dear InnerKnowledge,

      For first question:

      I supposed when a marriage is 'registered' or recognized then it is considered as having a spiritual bond. In this case, the karma of both parties would affect each other.

      I supposed there are no other cases that could create such a spiritual bond... hmm.. for a marriage is meant to have sex 'legally' in all standard religions. The purpose of marriage is to produce offspring hence this is a big affair to a person's ancestors.

      For the second question:

      There are rituals to change the situation, but by making use of spiritual powers; then one of the party shall leave if there no other compromise can be achieved.

      However, if both parties can sit down to discuss and agree upon an agreed direction for the mutual benefit of both; then the problems would be solved. In this case, if a social escort agrees to stop and do something else; then Mr. Johnny's problem would automatically be solved.