Monday, June 15, 2015

Spiritual Influences Between Couple (婚姻的灵性影响)

When a couple gets together through marriage, be it heterosexually or homosexually; then the husband can influence the wife or vice versa depending on which party has a stronger karmic energy.

Most often than not, bad spiritual influences are mostly due to hatred of dead or living souls that are attached onto the body of a husband or wife. It is this negative entity from a husband/wife that can bring disaster to wife/husband. For example: once peaceful and calm husband may become violent and accident prone after marriage due to spiritual interferences brought to him by his wife. Unfortunately there is no other way to remove this curse unless the wife is aware that she has caused her husband to act in such a way; and that she can continuously pray for the deliverance of those spirits causing troubles for her.

In Chinese Taoism and Japanese Shinto, the wife has a tendency to attract bad karma, yin or negative energies. The source of this negative energy is so called ‘earthbound spirit’. It is when these earthbound spirits become active amongst husband, wife and kids in a family that causes problems in a household that may be extended to their work or social lives. Perhaps the health of family member is below expectation, including poor results of children in school; including the unrest of other close relatives.

Of course, spiritual influences can be good or bad. When the influence is good, we call it guardian spirit; otherwise it is known as obstacles. Unfortunately, most of us are overwhelmed by negative forces; no wonder majority of modern households are besieged by illnesses and disasters.

In normal circumstances, earthbound spirits would not create troubles. However once a person is married or moving, these earthbound forces are stirred up and hence become problems to a person. It is not difficult to diagnose if a problem is caused by earthbound spirits as most of the pains or injuries would occur at lower half or on the right side of the person’s body.

Before one seeks professional help, first thing one need to do is to make offerings to one’s ancestor spirits so that they are pacified; and then strengthen the person’s bond with his/her guardian spirits. If anyone believe that he/she is besieged by disasters after major events such as marriage or moving house, he/she can first perform the above two simple steps; then most of his/her problems could be solved.

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