Sunday, June 21, 2015

Demon Of The Heart: Mental Illnesses (心魔与精神病)


Majority of current day said spirit possession cases in Penang amongst Chinese are actually mental illnesses such as melancholy. Many of the cases especially amongst women are due to misinterpretation of religious doctrine and practices; and some cases are when people just have nothing to do such that their boredom causes their mental state to be instable.

Sadly, these mental illnesses are normally attributed to spirit possessions causing unwary people to be molested, sexually harassed or even raped in addition to the loss of money.

Facts about spirit possession

Although spirits do possess human beings but most of the time, they have no intention to stay in human bodies for a long time. So, these spirits would be happy to go with small amount of offerings and a deliverance service. Even possessions concerning karma issues can be taken care of in time through religious rituals.

Causes of demon of the heart

Modern psychologists have derived many theories about mental illnesses. However, according to my personal experiences, there are two elements that play important roles in materializing demon of the heart; they are basically our mind () and chi ().

It is precisely when a person’s mind is unsettled that has stirred up the entire chi in one’s body that give rise to this illusive ‘demon of the heart’. As the name implies, there is no remedial methods to eliminate one’s hallucination except the person himself/herself.

Nature of our human mind

The nature of human mind in a balancing state should be calm and peaceful. It is in this state, a person is calm and happy. Such is also the balance state of our universe when the Yin and Yang energy coexist in harmony. Disharmony occurs when the Yin and Yang energies are biased and this imbalance causes havoc to our universe and also to our human body and mind.

When a person is in calm and joyous mind states, his/her body is filled with positive energy. However, when the person is in a continuously confusion and sad; he/she would be filled with negative and destructive energy.

It is precisely that when negative energy overcomes the positive energy that a person’s mind becomes unsettled. Having said so, it would also not good to become too positive. When our mind is stirred up, it becomes impulsive and that too causes our chi to be in turbulent state. Consequently this unsettling chi continues to churn up more negative energy.

As the negative energy accumulates in one’s body, the person becomes passive and prone to failure and seemingly always in pain. Then precisely at this point that produces the so called ‘demon of the heart’ which is actually the person’s negative subconscious mind. Gradually this demonic force would be taking over the person and causes him /her to do bad things.

In addition to this negativity, the person’s face would be always dark and he/she may be possessed by spirits and constantly in bad luck. Well, at this point, it should be clear that the demon is only a reflection of one’s subconscious mind.

Exorcising demon of the heart

Since demon of the heart is only a reflection of our subconscious mind which is the product of excessive negative energy, the only method is to increase one’s positive energy.

In order to stop a person from non-productive day dreams (胡思乱想) which is the source of all kind of illnesses, demon of the heart and bad luck; a person need only be ‘hardworking’ and perform more workout. That’s all to it folks!


It is apparent that many mental illnesses can be cured through physical workout or productive work. Hence for those folks who continue to think that they are ‘controlled’ by ghosts; they should first review if their living style is actually the culprit and not to resort to any magical unnecessary and useless magical means.

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