Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Closing Yin Yang Eyes (关闭阴阳眼)

So-called “Yin Yang” eyes in Chinese community are same as the psychic eyes in western communities. Normally, “Yin Yang” eyes are gifted and this type of special ability may come and go according to one’s life cycle. That is also to say that, when one has “Yin Yang” eyes, there must be a reason for that. For an example, an old lady can suddenly have the ability to see her deceased husband and relatives at her side. This situation is due the fact that old folks have more Yin energy and ghosts are mainly Yin energy substances.

Ms Low came to see me about getting rid of her psychic eyes. She complaint that she sees white shadows in her house and at times there are black shadows lingering on the ceiling above her bed. Ms Low said that she tried to ignore these ghostly shadows but at times they just get on her nerves. She has moved a few times in two years in the hope to get rid of her visions but of no avail.

After I listened to Ms Low’s complaints, I told her that it is not the fault of her dwellings; so she shall see these ghostly images where ever she goes. Since ghosts know Ms Low has Yin Yang eyes, they will visit Ms Low for more favours.

So what can Ms Low do to remove her Yin Yang eyes?

  1. One can purchase a obsidian (黑曜石), sandalwood or agarwood wrist malar (normally 27 beads) and then empower it with “Om mani padme hum”. Whenever one feels he/she sees ‘something’, then he/she should hold this malar and recites one round of the mantra.
  2. In Yantra Yoga, one can practise the Surya Namaskara (Salutation of the Sun) yoga asana in the morning facing east. This exercise shall help to strengthen one’s soul and helps to absorb positive sun energy.
  3. In Taoist magic, One should go to a place where he/she can physically sees the morning sun from 7am to 8am to absorb morning solar energy. This shall improve one’s Yang energy storage.
  4. In Feng Shui, one should always keep one’s dwelling clean and bright.
  5. In Thai magic, a person can take flower bath to increase his/her positive energy too.
  6. If one is more at home with the western esoteric tradition, the Middle Pillar exercise would be another powerful alternative.

The best method is that if Ms Low can practise some authentic Taoist or Buddhist meditation and praying techniques; or any similar rituals.

Of course, Yin Yang eyes are God sent gifts and one should not be afraid of this type of special ability. It simply means that the person should use his/her special ability to serve others in need.

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