Sunday, June 21, 2015

Issues With Stillborn Spirit (婴灵的问题)

Stillborn spirits are very controversial thing. It is believed that stillborn spirits have severe hatred especially those were aborted so these types of spirits should not be given a name since they are not yet born. They should not be worshipped along with one’s ancestral sprits too as this action will increase their hatred towards the parents. The best way to treat stillborn spirits is not to deliver them to the spiritual world where they will stay for another 50 years or so as this would be too cruel to the stillborns. Hence it is more suitable to send the stillborn spirits to stay with one’s ancestral spirits until their time is up.

If stillborn spirits are treated correctly, then they will cause the below problems to their parents:

·         Hard to have babies
·         Other children being bullied in school
·         Domestic violent against the mother
·         Habits of stealing
·         Road bullies
·         Bad luck

In fact, stillborn baby spirits would continuously passing messages to their parents and siblings. If these massages are ignored then they would create troubles to the parents, sisters and brothers because if these spirits are being ignored continuously, they will continue to make troubles for another 50~70 years or until their parents and siblings kaput. However, if one worships his/her ancestor spirits faithfully and consistently making offerings, then the ancestor spirits shall take care of these stillborn spirits until they are again being reincarnated.

Of course, it is best not to have abortion unnecessarily to avoid the above problems. This brings us to the problem of Kumanthong or Thai kid spirits. So, is it appropriate to worship Kumanthong in one’s shrine?

Since Kumanthong is a kid spirit, it is best not to worship Kumanthong if one has already performed abortion or miscarriages. Kumanthong will not like what this owner has done and it shall create troubles to the caretaker.

However, in the view o Taoism and Shinto; there is no reason to worship other’s kid spirit in one’s house as each is mutually non related and this would bring bad luck although the Thai folks only meant to create merits by keeping these homeless kid sprits until they are being reincarnated again. Whatever the case that may be, please do not take abortions likely or one may find he/she in a spree of bad lucks and troubles.

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