Monday, June 22, 2015

Malay Bomoh Vs Rinpoche (马来巫师与活佛)

Old Malay bomoh (shamans) are still very much feared of today especially those who live near Malaysia and Thai borders as they have the service of powerful spirit servants known as Hantu Raya. However, one downfall of their practice is that if these bomoh cannot find a successor of their servant spirit; then the bomoh cannot die in peace.

I know Pak Man who was once a powerful bomoh in Changlun, Kedah but I didn’t contact him for quite some time since I moved to Penang a decade ago. About last year, my brother in dharma told me that Pak Man has rested in peace a few years since I left Kedah.

According to my bro, before Pak Man was dying, his family members and relatives all surrounding him performing prayer and preparing for Pak Man’s funeral. As soon as Pak Man gave out his last puff of air and when his body was about to be moved for cleansing; the corpse suddenly opened its eyes and stood up and then walked about in the house. That certainly caused some commotion within the household but nothing could be done since the corpse kept walking and refused to lie down. People could only pray and wished the ordeal would come to an end.

As I heard, the corpse continued to walk for 2 days and nights and asking to be fed with food. Since this walking dead kept on ramping around and nothing could be done, someone in the village suddenly thought of inviting a Ningmapa Rinpoche who happened to be visiting to come and have a look as a last resort.

After a while the good old Rinpoche finally arrived at the scene. As when the crowd who gathered around the place wanting to see what kind of magic the rinpoche wanted to perform; he only called his disciple who can speak Malay and then speak directly to the zombie:

Rinpoche: “You are not Pak Man. Who are you?”

Zombie: “I am Pak Man’s servant, the Hantu Raya.”

Rinpoche: “Why do you not let your master rest in peace?”

(After a long silence…)

Zombie: “I wanted to go… but I was bound by a secret mantra…”

Rinpoche: “I will release you, do you agree to go?”

Zombie: “I have another request… I want someone to take over me.”

(After  a pause, the rinpoche turned his back and asked aloud…)

Rinpoche: “Anyone want to take over this Hantu Raya?”

(There was a long silent… no one answered the call…)

Rinpoche: “No one wants you. So go! Phat! Phat! Phat!”

At this point, the zombie gave out a long sigh and it fell down onto the floor. To everyone’s surprised; Pak Man’s body immediately gave out foul smell and started to decay…

It is a pity that I wasn’t at the site at that time… Maybe I would take over the Hantu Raya… Hmm…


  1. Dear Mr. Liew !

    Very interesting story !
    But as i said you before, many Buddhists in the West would not belive that. A funny coinsidence: There is a Thread regarding spirits in a Buddhist Forum...and i was the only one who saw Spirit's like the different "Hantu's" as real existing. All other member's said that this is only electricity, magnetism and/or optical illusion...

    Weird guy's...and if you try to show them something new...well...very, very hard.....if not impossible.

    If you ever "inherit" a Hantu Raya or anything like that, send iit to these guys....LOL
    Would be a very "teaching" experience, i think !

    Michael B.

    1. Dear Michael,

      Thank you. Glad that you like it :)))

      In fact spirits or ghosts do exist and being recognized as one beings in the 6 realms... It sound weird that Western Buddhists cannot accept that as one of Buddhist teachings!?

      Perhaps I would write something about how a 'ghost' is originated...

      Hahaha... no worries.. Most of these guys are already 'possessed' by one of the 'hantu' out there. It is a matter of weather these folks realize that or not!


  2. There is possible to know how to get one Hantu raya?