Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Declining Businessman (没落生意人)

At times you don’t really need to have any occult knowledge to know that a businessman is not running a good business and luck. You can indeed pick up why this person’s business is not doing too good. Below is just one real example from a long winded declining businessman.

I used to have a frequent long winded and long distance caller who likes to talk up to hours per call. This fellow said that he has a restaurant and a beauty salon but kept complaining that his workers were how lazy and useless were. Of course I have not met this guy since he said that his business was not good so let’s scrutinize a section of our conversations to find a clue why his business wasn’t doing too good.

First is his restaurant business:

Biz: “My restaurant business is not doing so well.”

Me: “Why do you say so?”

Biz: “My customers are in declining and they spent lesser now.”

Me: “What type of food are you selling?”

Biz: “Hamburgers, noodles, soups etc…”

(I have to cut the conversation as it is pretty long…)

Me: “Sounds pretty standard to me. How do you prepare the soup?”

Biz: “I use a special type of seasoning specially ordered from Japan…”

Me: “How is the competition like?”

Biz: “The competition was bad as many foreign people come to the island to open up new restaurants; and my cursed worker just left my restaurant and opened up another restaurant just at the back of my current restaurant…”

Before I continue with the businessman’s second business, let us take a pause and see what is wrong with his business model. If you are also a boss you would probably agree with me on the below:

“To begin with, food and beverage businesses are facing intense competitions in the USA and Asia alike. This is especially true when everyone is selling the same food stuffs such as soup and noodles etc; what would make you to come up in the race is the uniqueness of your food stuff… Using seasoning may bring up the taste of your food in short while; but customers would quickly become bored of the seasoning taste.

Had this businessman really come to Penang and open his restaurant this way, he would be closed for business in one year or so! But people in the West are more tolerant to not so original eastern food so our business friend may survive for another few years…”

Secondly, his beauty salon business:

Biz: “I also run a beauty salon school on the island…”

Me: “How is your business like?”

Biz: “Not so good. My trainer ran off bringing with her most of my students…”

Me: “Do you know to tend lady’s hair and beauty products?”

Biz: “No… I depended on the trainer…”

My comment:

“Please don’t involve into a business that you are not familiar with. The reason is pretty clear. This businessman will not be able to survive in Asia should he opt to move his business there.”

Can magic help him?

Well, magic helps in a way, but at the end of the day; all the restaurant and beauty salon would be visited by human beings not the spirits! Unless the businessman can change his business model; or his father is filthy rich, there would not be too much money left for him to spend in near future!!

Of course, instead of spending and wasting all his resources such time and money on magical things; he should really stop ‘talking too much’ and start getting his hands dirty!

Luckily our businessman is in the West and not the East where the real intense competitions are.

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