Sunday, October 4, 2015

You Are Sleeping On My Bench (误睡鬼凳)

I have two stories for haunted benches, one was my own experience and the other was Uncle Sam’s. Both are true experiences and I am sure someone out there would have the same too.

Story 1:

Many years ago I paid my friend, Michael who was a doctor in Bouna Vista in Singapore. He stayed in a double story house and according to him; the housing estate was built on a piece of prewar graveyard and the area was pretty haunted.

Well, haunted or not, that was none of my business as I just want a place for a nap for a few nights. Later experience proved how wrong my initial thought was.

When I dropped in Michael’s place, his in-laws were also visiting. So, I was left with the only option to sleep in a sofa in Michael’s living room. Nothing happened until the last night of my stay. I thought I had a strange dream that night as I dreamed of an old man approached me and said: “Young man, you are sleeping in my sofa.”

Of course I didn’t heed the words and slept on until the next morning. I was awoken by Michael as he accidentally tripped on me while on his way to toilet. Apparently I was sleeping on the floor somehow! Perhaps I accidentally rolled down from the sofa onto the floor?

Story 2:

When Uncle Sam was engaging in his funeral service business, he had to spend nights on public long bench outside hospital sick wards waiting for business. It was like any other night again and Uncle Sam spent his night on a long bench at the 12th floor of a private hospital. As usual he fell into slumber pretty fast and as Uncle Sam was about to make his sweet dreams; he was awakened by someone knocking on his head.

He was startled and jumped up to investigate. There was not a single soul around and Uncle Sam thought it was his hallucination so he returned to his slumber land soon.

Not long after that, Uncle Sam felt that someone knocked at his head again twice as harder. Again, Uncle Sam jumped up to investigate and as expected, no one was around. He thought he was dreaming and went on to continue making his unfinished dreams.

The next morning, Uncle Sam only woke up to find that he was leaning against a dustbin opposite to the long bench that he was supposed to have slept for a night!

As recalled by Uncle Sam later: “I supposed the good brothers thought I have robbed their favorite bench and they warned me twice. Since I continued to ignore their warning, they moved me to the dustbin!”

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