Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Face Of Future Husband (未婚夫的样子)

There is a very popular folk ritual to enable a lady to see the face of her future husband. I don’t know the origin of this ritual and there are many versions. The most common version of the ritual is as follows:

If a lady wishes to see her future husband, then she can prepare a piece of mirror, a red apple, a white candle and a sharp knife to peel the apple with. The lady should start this ritual at sharp midnight alone in a room. She should light the candle first, and start peeling off the apple. The condition of the success of this ritual is that the skin of the apple must not break in the process of peeling.

The lady should peel the apple while looking into the mirror. It is said that a image should slowly appear in the mirror: from blurred image to sharp towards the end of the peeling process. Nothing would happen if the skin of the apple is unbroken and the face of her future husband should appear clearly. However, if the skin of the apple is broken during the process; then awful things shall occur.

No one has a clue of what the so-called ‘awful’ thing is but below Japanese urban legend gives us a clue:

Some years ago, a young high school girl prepared materials described above and started the ritual sharp at midnight. During the apple peeling activity, her reflection in the mirror slowly transformed into a stranger’s face…

Since the stranger’s face was a little blur, the girl was a litter eager to have a closer look and she lost concentration on peeling the apple and the apple skin broke. It was a pity since the apple was almost done peeling. Suddenly blood started to flow out from the chin of this stranger. Slowly the reflection in the mirror turned red.

The girl was frightened and shouted loudly. With this shout, the awful scene in the mirror was gone and everything returned to normal…

Many years passed, the girl gradually forgotten of her ordeal. It was time for her to get married. She decided to have an arrange marriage as decided by her parents. On the day of her marriage, snow was falling heavily; her future husband was wearing a mask. The thoughtful husband helped the girl to cover with a piece of thick blanket and dim the room light. As the couple was about to get intimate, the husband slowly got undressed but left the face mask alone.

The impatient girl suddenly pulled off her husband’s face musk and… to her horror, the face before her was a bloody face from nose below! The horrified girl asked in fright: “AAAAHHH! What happened to your face?”

The man slowly turned his chinless bloody face towards the girl: “Have you forgotten what you did 10 years ago? Kak kak kak kak…”

So, ladies; do you wanna try this ritual anymore? Hahaha…

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