Sunday, October 18, 2015

Occult Stealing Or Landing Of Fates (偷抢借运)

A friend dropped me this mail:

“Below are a couple of stories I read on magazines many years ago.

1.      A toast master conducts a secret ritual by using birthdates of few persons who later participate in a dinner. It is believed that those guests’ ages could be stolen and borrowed and add to a dying patient or anyone else to wish to extend his/ her life.
2.      Yean (/relationship destiny) of a couple could be stolen or borrowed by a toast ritual, to enhance another person’s love’s luck. 

I was told by a Toast master, both age and love relationship could be stolen or borrowed. Those stolen love “taou hua”(palm flower/桃花) could be re-planted. I don’t think stolen ages could be replaced in this lifetime?”

There are three things here:

1.      Borrowing of lifespan (借寿)
2.      Stealing/borrowing of luck (/借运)
3.      Planting palm flower (种桃花)

Having said so, ‘yean’ is something cannot be stolen or borrowed as this involves two parties’ past karmic links. For example, it is not possible to make a total stranger on the road loves you overnight unless, the person has a hidden agenda.

All of the three items above can be done through Taoist ritual explicitly or implicitly. By explicitly I mean by asking openly to the persons affected and seek their agreement. Implicitly means a ritual is done quietly as if stealing.

To borrow/extend life span:

One can write a borrowing slip addressing to the temple of the “emperor of the eastern mountain” (东岳大帝) or King of Hells that he/she wishes to ‘borrow’ an extra life of so many years. After the slip is written, the person should bring the slip to the temple with some food offerings. The person should read the slip out loud in front of the emperor’s statue and then burns the slip. If the ritual is successful, then the person would live for an extra of so many years.

Another way of borrowing life is through Taoist ritual such as performing one of the below:

·         Lighting of oil lamp in an altar. The insiders call it lighting the 7 star lamps (点七星灯).
·         Performing the ritual of underworld journey (关落阴) to pull up one’s life lamp wick.
·         Using the Feng Shui ‘life foundation’ (生基).
·         Going to a young and poor person asking him/her to ‘lend’ the person certain years of life span through Taoist rituals.

To steal/borrow luck:

Luck can be stolen or borrowed in a few ways:

  •         Putting one’s finger nails and talisman into a temple or house incense burner (香炉) or a rich man’s ancestral tomb.
  •         Using Feng Shui setting to divert a person’s chi or luck such as building tall structures, diverting river flows or even digging a pond.

To plant palm flowers:

If one feels that he/she is lacking palm flowers (relationships), then he/she can seek the help perform ritual such as:

  •          Planting palm flowers
  • ·       Going to underworld to look for his/her tree/flowers and waters his/her own plants; or to plant palm flowers.

I have just put up a very general description of how one’s fate can be stolen, or enhanced through Feng Shui and Taoist rituals. Again, there is no guarantee that any of the rituals will work.


  1. Mr. Liew, since you are in magic science for so long, can you differentiate between spirit and Alien ? There have been many reporting, seminar from advance country minister and United Nation recently starting from the Rosewell, mexico event back to 1947.

    1. Perhaps let me just put it this way: spirit and alien are the same.

      You hear their sounds and see their shadows, but you can never shake their hands!

      It is just my humble opinion that if really aliens exist on Earth, then they already make themselves known to us. So far we only see so called dead bodies of aliens from photos.

      Of course, there are still so many unsolved mysteries beyond our human imagination waiting to be solved.