Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Polynesian Lover Binding Spell (巫术制人法)

Polynesian ladies are warm and beautiful, but beware that they have a very secret man binding spell that can ‘lock’ you up for the rest of your life. Unless you found the key to break this spell, you may be bound on an island for the rest of your life.

It was said that in the 50’s, a Korean sailor was stranded in a remote island near Hawaii and he was spell bounded by a Polynesian lady for about 6 months. Somehow the luck was on his side and he broke the spell and escaped back to civilization.

I learnt this spell from a Polynesian waitress working with Mr. Ho. The method is very simple:

You will need an empty chicken or bird egg shell, some chicken/bird blood and at least 3 pieces of your target’s hair (please don’t ask me what type of hairs!). When you have all of the ingredients, go to the front of a grave of the person you know during full moon night.

First, you should stand in front of the grave and ask the grave dweller for help. You can say anything you like but repeat your words firmly a few times. When you feel you have exhausted your energy after saying the words, collect some dirt in front of the grave and fill the soil into the egg. After the egg is filled, then use your index finger to anoint some chicken/bird blood and draw three crosses on the shell surface. Once done, you should draw a big circle encircling the three crosses. Finally, a hole should be dug in front of the grave and this egg shell is then buried.

Now, go to see the person you wish to bind and draw three crosses and a circle as before in his back. And presto! The person shall be bound to you forever or until the egg is dug out somehow.

So next time, when a lady said ‘alloha’ to you; please watch your ‘hairs’…

I would think that the spell works for both man and woman, but I have not tried that; so do that at your own risks please!

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