Sunday, October 18, 2015

About Fake Masters (假大师)

A concerned friend sent me this link about Mr. Liew being a fake master:

Well, I certainly thanked this concerned friend of mine. Of course, this is not my first time to receive this type of heads-up mail. First of all, I am not at all being affected by these bad talks. Even our PM is faced with hundreds of unfounded remarks as the saying goes:

“No one would jealous about a mediocre.”

To begin with, I didn’t say I am a master. People call me master out of their own will. I have other things to do and magic was once my hobby. I did collect many things and manuals; all are not free. Nothing is free anyway. So, please don’t take everything for granted.

About ‘fake masters’: my take is “All occult masters are fakes!”

I received many questions on why this amulet doesn’t work or that love ritual doesn’t work in my daily mails; of course I am not about to publish the names of so-called masters in my blog.

For example below are some real conversations with some so-called masters:

Master A: “My leklai is super powerful. It can divert bullet!”

Me: “Can I take a gun and fire at you?”

Master A: “…”

Master B: “My corpse oil is 100% pure it can make a girl fall in love with you.”

Me: “Can I test it on your wife?”

Master B: “…”

Master C: “Mr. Liew is a fake! All his rituals are fakes!”

Me: “Since my rituals are all fake, can you show me a ritual that really works?”

Master C: “…”

And the list can go on and on!

In fact, many Buddhist tantric and Taoist texts are fake ones too if we were to scrutinize them nicely. Did the Buddha really teach Yamantaka Tantra etc including the sex yoga? Or is Naza a Taoist god or a Tantric god?

Last but not least, for those who wish to seek occult help; please accept the so call helps from spirits may or may not happen. This is what I have been preaching for so far. And this would be my open respond to the question of ‘fake masters’. This is to save further effort in typing out future similar questions.

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