Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Horrible Mother And Kid Spirits! (可怕的母婴灵)

Uncle Sam once told me he dislikes handling funeral services for both kids and conceived mother because their spirits are the most active of all beings. Once he was summoned to a hospital morgue in the dead of the night to handle the victims of an accident case. As he was standing in front of the lift, the lift door opened and he saw a lady holding a crying baby in her arms. Uncle Sam greeted the lady politely although he felt strange why a mother appeared in the midst of the night in a morgue. Of course he dare not ask.

After the lady stepped out of the lift, Uncle Sam immediately felt a gust of cold wind blew passed he and naturally he gave a shiver and developed goose bumps. More shocking to Uncle Sam was that the corpse he was about to handle looked exactly the same as the lady he saw in the lift!

On the way back, Uncle Sam seemed to hear the disembodied crying voice of a lady and a child lingered around his ears. The crying sound only stopped after the completion of the lady’s funeral service.

According to Uncle Sam, anyone who handles the funeral service of a kid must pay particular attention or the kid spirit would disturb the person causing the person to have bad luck or bankrupt. A friend of Uncle Sam had to close his business after mistreating a kid’s funeral.

All in all, a funeral for kid should not be too grand or too simplified. Otherwise the kid spirit would get annoyed and started to create troubles. The telltale sign is then items such as photo, plates or food offerings found displaced or on the floor.

Since a kid is normally impatient, the funeral service should be swift and simple with clothing, a bottle of milk, biscuits, sweets, toys etc being put into the small coffin. All these items are said to distract the small spirit so that it would not feel bored or angry.

Perhaps what Uncle Sam said have some basis as the infamous Nam Man Pri oil or better known as ‘corpse oil’ by right should be obtained from the body of a mother with her stillborn intact. Once the oil is properly made, it is a formidable weapon to attract opposite sex. Having said so, luckily no one really produce authentic oil now days.

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