Monday, October 26, 2015

The Curse Of Hawaii Shark Guardian (鲨鱼的诅咒)

I have a friend, Mr. Ho who stays in Hawaii and he has told me one very interesting story about shark magic. According to him shark guardian is an evil god. The witch doctor who wishes to obtain shark’s power must sit at the seaside meditate facing a piece of bamboo stick and the sea. The potential witchdoctor would sit quietly by staring this bamboo for days. Even when this person left his meditative location, the bamboo is never pulled up. All of the Hawaiians know this taboo and no one dares to try his/her luck.

Mr. Ho said when he first moved to Hawaii. One of his neighbours, an Austrian did not believe in such a taboo. So this young brave scientific minded Austrian pulled up one of this bamboo and broke it into two in front of a famous old witchdoctor. The old witchdoctor calmly shook his head and said pitifully: “Too bad, you shall die after 7 days!” Once said, the witchdoctor turned his back and walked away.

Perhaps it was a coincidence; the young Austrian fell very sick that night and he started to feel afraid. So this young man told his parents of what had happened. His parents immediately called upon some of the witchdoctors in the vicinity; but no one willing to help after the witchdoctors knew who their opponent was. The worried parents sent their child to the hospital and doctors failed to find out the root cause of the sickness.

On the third day, the sick Austrian youth was finally sent to the head of the witchdoctors in Honolulu. At that time, the leader of Hawaiian witchdoctors was an old lady over 70 years old.

The old lady witchdoctor cannot think of a better way to save this Austrian because the curse of shark guardian cannot be cured. The only way was to send this young Austrian far away from Hawaii; the further the better.

It was said that the young Austrian was sent back to his Austrian home. But this young man died in a road accident on his way to his house. Interestingly, it was just after 7 days from the bamboo stick was broken!

This is a very bizarre case as far as I know; ordinary curses are not as fast as this one. Perhaps it was the witchdoctor’s super mind power that killed the youth. In order to kill a person using mind power however, he/she must have super concentration power. Maybe that explains why a witchdoctor needs to meditate in front of the bamboo stick for days!

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