Monday, October 12, 2015

There Is A Spirit Behind Everyone (背后灵)

Old Chinese folks believe that there would be at least one spirit following every person. Common folks like you and me would have a few: some spirits that want to repay their karma debt; some want to reclaim their debt from what we owed them. If the number of spirits who want to help you is more than that who want to harm you; then you would find that you would miraculously escape some seemingly impossible disaster.

People also believe that some professions attract more spirits to their back, for example: medical, law enforcement, gangsters etc. There is a joke about doctors and spirits behind them:

A friend with psychic eyes fell sick and he wished to consult a good doctor, but before hand; he want to be double sure that the doctor is a good one. So this friend consulted another wise person with psychic eyes:

Friend: “How do you know if a doctor is a good one?”

Wise one: “Well, since you can see spirits, the lesser spirits who follow at the back of a doctor; then this is the best doctor you can have.”

Friend: “Okay.”

Armed with this new knowledge, our friend went around the town to find a good doctor. First he came to doc A and found that there are 30 spirits at the doc’s back, so this friend went off. After a few rounds of seeking, he became very disappointed because almost all of the docs around the town would have at least 10 spirits at their backs! Suddenly, our friend stumbled with a doc who only has 1 spirit at his back. He was extremely happy.

So, he approached this spirit and asked its opinion of this doc’s background. This was what the spirit had to say:

“Well, this doc only opened for business an hour ago, and I was his first customer!!”

At this point perhaps you would like to ask: “How to find out if I have a spirit following me the DIY way?”

There is a way in fact. Actually the term ‘spirit at the back’ or 背后灵 originated from Japan. The Japanese has a way to ‘listen’ to one’s spirit(s) at his/her back and this is how:

First you should choose a quite place in your house, preferably in your study room. The time is at night of course. In order that this experiment is effective, the room should be empty. A chair should be put in the center of the room.

When the time is right, normally 9pm onwards, you should go into the room and sit in the chair. Please don’t recite any mantra or let your mind wandering off; just sit and listen. In time you would hear a whisper or a monotonous tone lingers around your ear. This is the first sign that a spirit is talking to you. If you are not afraid, then you should continue to listen to what the spirits had to say; otherwise just stand up and switch on the light and walk away. Please don’t look back as the spirit may possess you.

The above exercise should be performed for at 1 hour each session. It is best to fumigate the room after each exercise to dispel whatever energy lingers in the room. Please don’t try this exercise if you have a weak heart.

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