Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Haunted By The Name (马印鬼域)

You may not believe me if I say that many Malaysian and Indonesian towns are ‘haunted’ by their names. Let’s go over some of the places one by one and their related spirits that make the town famous.

Mambang Di Awan

‘Mambang Di Awan’ means “Haunter/Spirit in the clouds” which is a small town situated in Kampar, Perak.

‘Mambang’ or hunter refers to a type of free spirit that dwells an area. They are said to be like the ‘orang bunian’ and ‘pari-pari’ (fairies) because they have a complete social system. The belief of mambang may be originated from Indonesia but needs further research. People who trespass places ruled by haunter spirit may suffer serious illnesses or injuries. There are many types of ‘mambang’: fire, wind, earth and water which may bring natural disasters to a place. Mambang are sometimes categorized by their colors: yellow, white, black etc. It is believed that yellow haunter can cause yellow fever.


Pontianak is situated in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. However, the famous Pontianak spirit that haunts Indonesia and Malaysia need no further introduction.


Bota is a small town situated near Perak River in Perak. Interestingly this town got its name from a type of giant that is believed to live underground. It is said that Bota spirits hide themselves in underground cave. These giants are said to be similar to humankind but with a much larger mud color physique. The local believes that Bota only come out of their hiding at certain interval especially at noon sharp. They are said of fond of kids. They are said to be fond of swampy area, at the edge of yellow bamboo bushes and at the edge of rice field where the puyu fish (anabas testudineus) and tilan fish (eels) can be found. While Bota normally consumes foods obtain from underground source, they also eat meat and certainly the human.

Bota spirit is normally associated with missing person. If a person is missing, he/she must have violated terms of the Bota at that place. Strangely speaking, Bota spirits only seems to be prevailed around an area until this area got its name ‘Bota’.

Langsuir Cave

Langsuir cave is one of many caves in Langkawi Island. The character Langsuir need not further introduction too.

If you got the time, why not pay those towns a visit, you may fall in love with them! If you have more places to add, please let me know.

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