Saturday, October 24, 2015

Feng Shui Of River Mouth (风水谈水口)

When we talk about Feng Shui (FS) of a place, inevitably we had to look at the ‘river mouth’ (水口). River mouth in ancient time was where people congregated and many of old cities are located at river mouths. This is the place of rigorous economic activities, transportation and finance; and also administrative area of a country. For example: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur etc.

This observation remains true until today. If an area is situated around river mouth, it is good for business and fortune; if a place is located far away from river mouth then the development of the place would be slow. Of course, FS has come a long way and the concept of ‘river mouth’ has expanded to include road junction as well.

Generally speaking, if a row of houses is facing a river mouth then chances are they would have a better FS setting compared to those facing opposite directions. While those facing the river mouth at different angles would have mix luck. It is only after carrying out a visual inspection that a FS master had to rely on a compass for further evaluations.

Likewise it is better to invest in a house or shop located at the corner of a cross road or where you can see the road junction from the premise. If the house/shop is located at a section of road that no road junction can be seen; then this is termed as ‘trapped dragon’ (困龙). At the places called ‘trapped dragon’; there should be a clear space for parking or other activities. This space would be called a ‘reservoir’ (蓄水). A small ‘reservoir’ would accumulate chi and hence customers have a place to park their cars. Although a small ‘reservoir’ is good but its effect is much less than the ‘river mouth’.

Now let us zoom in a little to look into a shopping complex. You will notice that a shop located at the entrance would be the most popular one and the price is the highest of the all. A shop lot near entrance would be good as restaurant, fashion house, bar, coffee shop etc that requires large amount of customers. The higher the shop lot is, the lesser it would be able to attract crowds. So, you can also notice that shop at the top floor would normally be cinema, beauty salon, special interest shops or stores.

As you can see, FS is not nonsense if you understand the system correctly. I always make use of FS with my planning work and most of the time both work seamlessly together. If your business is not good, then perhaps it is your location is not ideal for your type of business. This would be a good time to change instead of setting up Phra Ngan or Kumanthong statues or even Guangong ones! I have seen people putting all sorts of statues in their shops until the shops looked like a shrine. Needless to say, no decent customers would come in the shops too. 

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