Saturday, October 3, 2015

Curing Possession With Feng Shui (风水驱邪)

In Asian folk believes, when a person is having bad luck, then it is best that he/she avoid visiting the wilderness, graveyards or anywhere that is filled with wandering spirits because this person is tend to be possessed by ghosts.

My friend’s daughter, May returned from her Langkawi visit and she was not behaving like her normal self: she would tremble uncontrollably in the evening in addition that this lady’s limbs would be frozen solid. May would laugh and cry as if a crazy person. Other than that May would whisper to a piece of wall every night. All in all those strange actions have raised great concerns to her parents.

Since May’s condition has aggravated and she became languish day after day. Having no option; my friend gave me a call out of no choice but he gave me a precondition that I must not use any magic rituals as he is an ardent Christian. In fact, my opinion is that spirit possession issues are mostly psychological and that he should visit a psychologist and not me.

Reluctantly, this pal of mine is an old acquaintance since primary school and that I watched the lady grown from a small toddler; I just have to help by hook or by crook. So I brought my compass and dropped into my pal’s house hopping to find an excuse to wriggle my way out.

When I come face to face with May, her face was pale white with eye sockets and chin covered with dark green aura. Her head half lowered apparently avoiding my stare. After a while, she ran towards the wall and repeatedly said: “I am scared, very scared, what to do?”

Strangely speaking, her voice sounded like an old man. So I opened up my compass and found the house is a 7th period house facing southwest with main door opening at southeast. There were two pieces of big mirrors opposite each other and since there was not direct sunlight, the place looked cold and gloomy.

There were many large size religious related and holy items in the house and in addition, Mary’s room was full of posters of entertainers. Her bed was facing south and hence absorbing the negative energy of flying star 5. Coincidentally, the yearly star 2 drops into the bedroom; hence Mary’s room attracted spirits.

With those telltale signs in mind, I immediately asked my pal to rearrange his furniture and took down excess religious decorations. As soon as we have made the rearrangements, Mary suddenly said that she was tired and she went to sleep. Her mom kept her watch over her daughter just in case.

Well, it is also time for me to leave as I didn’t want to miss my favorite musical show. Just as I was to step out of the house, my pal pulled me aside and asked: “Do you have any protective amulets just in case?”

I said simply: “Just cross your finger and pray.”

My prediction was correct, Mary recovered right after her short nab. So I can declare the spirit possession case closed. Since spirit possession case can be solved with Feng Shui methodologies, I can assure you that spirits cannot harm anyone. Or should I say that spirit possession is only “mind over matter”.

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