Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Most Powerful Mantra (最犀利的咒语)

There are many mantras around for exorcism when one is being disturbed by spirits. I am often being asked on which is the best mantra to recite in emergency when all protective talismans are not around. This can happen to a situation, say that you are forced to spend a night in your free thinker friend’s house.

I have a super mantra for you that I have memorized since the days before I even ventured into magical world:

Many years ago, I was still a student in a technical college. My friends and I rented an apartment for the duration of our course. In the mid of my studies, one of my friends was possessed by spirits and many of my so-called friends left the apartment almost immediately leaving me alone. Well, it was not that I was brave or something; but because it was in the middle of my semester exam. So, good or ill I had to stay alone until the end of the exam.

On the third night, I was disturbed at night by an invisible force. First, it was the disembodied knocking noise at all directions. It is quite difficult to describe the knocking because it was so close and yet it seems so far. Just the sound of ‘tok, tok’ repeated unceasingly.

After the knocking lingered for a while in thin air, suddenly I felt the pressure in the room increased and a flat face pressing onto my face. I was then lying flat in my bed facing up. As the invisible face closing to mine, I thought I had to do something. So I recited “Om mani padme hum” and the invisible face retreated a little but continued advancing once I stop chanting.

It was no way for me to continue to recite mantra for the whole night; I still have to sit for my exam the next morning! After thinking for a while, I say out loud to the air:

“I have my life and you have your life to live. I didn't disturb you, and you won’t like it when I disturb you!”

You wouldn’t believe that right after I completed my words, all of the knocking stopped and the invisible pressure in the room suddenly vanished too. I was not disturbed since that incident.

So you have it, the most powerful mantra:

“Don’t disturb me if you don’t want to be disturbed.”

Please try it with a calm heart when you feel you are being disturbed. I even use the above mantra now days and the good brothers would leave me alone every time!

What says you? Was it spiritual or psychological? Or even spirits are reasonable too?


  1. Try Usnisa Dharani next time, it's better nat more powerful than this because it transfer spirit to higher realm and heavens rather than you just threat the spirit, not good karma. Sending them to upper realms by the grace od bodhisattva is better because this spirit can help you (but need not, it's not bargain or bond which is used in magic) you create good karma and merit, and bodhisattva done her work properly so everybody profits.

  2. Perhaps that "mantra" is good for reasonable spirits since they too don't want to get into trouble. The problem is, are all spirits reasonable?

    Also, I don't think that using "The Most Powerful Mantra (TM)" every time is a good idea. Kinda like repelling bugs with nuclear bombs IMO.