Sunday, October 25, 2015

You Should Not Talk Too Much (多言失财)

Many people like to talk nonsense. They thought I too like to talk nonsense but I just play along due to politeness. This has created another problem that people think I am naïve and they played naïve tricks in front of my wide open eyes. This gave them a shock when I finally asked these folks: “why do you talk so much?”

But seriously, talking more than one should is not good for your fortune. In Chinese arts of face reading, there is a saying that goes:

(Talking too much wastes fortune.)

According to theory of face reading when one talks excessively, not only his life span is shortened; his fortune also diminishes at the same time. Hence professions like teacher, telephone sales, and lecturers are quite difficult in gaining wealth generally speaking. Of course there are outliers, but the condition remains true for majority of the cases.

In the West, there is a proverb that sounds like:

“Empty vase makes the most noise.”

This also means that those who like to talk are actually empty inside their minds. It is either they have something to hide that they like to talk; or they want to fish some information from you.

I have also noticed that when a spirit possessed a person, he/she likes to talk something gibberish or nonsense not noticed by himself/herself until I ask for a second time: “what did you say?” Then the person would suddenly ‘switch mode’ to himself/herself again. The psychologist may say this person has a ‘split personality’ but I would not want to argue on this aspect.

So, not only talking too much reveals your mistake (言多必失), talking too much also shows your hidden intention (言多无意) and talking too much too make you lose your fortune (言多失财)!

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