Monday, October 5, 2015

Questions About Powers Of Amulets (佛牌的问答)

I have received many questions about amulets in general, but I have not responded to any of the queries as yet because I have answered them implicitly in my postings. Since questions keep pouring in and I thought it is time to give those questions some general answers.

Do you think invulnerability magic is true and can you comment on Botak Chin’s amulet?

Invulnerability magic is true that people are somehow hypnotized and make believed that they are invulnerable. It has been tested that during hypnotic state, when a needle pierced through a person’s hand; no pain or blood would produce. But our human body has a specific endurance it can tolerate. Beyond that point, damage can definitely occur. One also needs to be particularly careful that there are tricks used during those invulnerability shows some time ago.

Botak Chin was a notorious villain said to be in possession of some powerful talismans that enable him to escape during police raids. I am not aware of his amulet background but I am sure that his ‘success’ was due to his human links more than amulet. However, he was finally caught and sentenced to death.

I am having bad luck. I switched between Phra Ngan, Somaj, Kumanthong etc. Why can’t my amulets protect me?

Well, sorry for you to experience bad luck. Perhaps you should ask your previous self what he/she had done until you deserve such an awful luck this life.

As to question why your amulets don’t work, please ask the persons you have bought your amulets from. They have taken your money so they owe you an answer!

There are so many fake magic items out there. Can you recommend one good source?

Sorry. You can source from all sellers out there as I don’t want to answer any queries or would I want to provide any after sale services.

I dedicate my life to Phra Ngan. Please tell me why Phra Ngan didn’t protect me from law suits?

Please divert your question to whomever you have bought the Phra Ngan. As far as I know Phra Ngan is a mistake and a fable character. It is as real as Mickey Mouse. I would be surprised if it really works at all. *Sorry*

I am 18 and I want to learn magic. Do you accept students?

My interest for magic is ceased and do not intend to teach any students of any ages.

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