Friday, June 30, 2017

Introducing Buddhist Diet & Medicine (佛教食疗与医药)

While Buddhism is no doubt originated from India, Although Buddhist diet and medicine is heavily influenced by Buddhism and local customs, its main structure is still faithfully adhere to the Indian Ayurvedic system. So said, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Buddhist medicine is quite different in their theory and complexity.

Interestingly speaking, as with various Buddhist schools; there is no single topic of so-called 'Buddhist medicine'. As we shall see, the Hinayana Buddhist would have a different set of unique technique compared to the Mahayana Buddhist. Likewise, the Tantric Buddhist would have a different set of technique to the Sutrayana.

For example: Just like the Ayurvedic medicine, tantric diet and medicine make use of foods in the balancing of our chakras and energy flows. This unique feature is not seen in Thai medicine though there is a set of physical exercise known as 'Rusei Dutton' or 'Thai Yoga' which is said to be very effective in healing physical body pains.

Also unique to the Thai and Tibetan medicine is the use of 'kata' or 'mantra' for curing illnesses and making medicine. The use of mantra is not widely used in the Chinese Buddhist medicinal systems now a days.

Just like the Islamic medicine and Taoist medicine, Buddhist medicine make use of some of Buddhist doctrines to explain the origin of illnesses. This is perhaps a stumbling block by those non-Buddhists to understand Buddhist medicinal systems.

Hidden under the carpet of Buddhist medicine are many varieties of herbs and animal products employed in this treatment system. Of course, this medicinal ingredients varies according to places as well.

Thai medicine makes use of many different plants compared to the Tibetan medicine, and the Chinese Buddhist medicine has another set of unique herbs to follow.

It is practically impossible to compile a complete work of Buddhist medicine in a new blog that I would start working. But my concentration would be on the theory and practice of Thai medicine including some other systems such as Tibetan and Chinese system.

Unfortunately speaking, Buddhist medicine maybe lost in time as there are fewer and fewer practitioners out there, so it is just my effort to record what is out there and while the material is available.

Since Buddhist diet and medicine blog is of special interest and research nature, and that the materials can be daunting,  I do not plan to open the materials to the public at this point. This will be a very long project to handle.

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