Monday, April 15, 2013

The Benevolent Semelai Pontianak

Pontianak according to the belief of Semelai ethnic group around Bera Lake in Pahang is called “mati anak” or “died with stillborn”. For the ease of description, I will call her Semelai Pontianak.


This version of Pontianak is said to have two giant hooks on her back so that she can swing on tall trees. She is said to have blotchy face, a pair of beautiful eyes and long hairs. She can talk but without fangs; she has legs but her legs never touches the ground. Some people believe that Semelai Pontianak likes to scare people but never harm them.


This Pontianak likes to swing on fig trees, banyan trees, Kundang trees or any other leafy trees.


Since this is a benevolent Pontianak, she can be summoned to help in traditional healing process. The mantra for calling:


“Lada kecil, lada hitam.

Sampai ke tunggu muda Peri,

Adik yang kecil, adik yang hitam.

Si Anu terkena samba,

Jin Pontianak rimba,

Aku tau asal kau jadi,

Berumah kau di atas selembar,

Minta tawar, minta jampikan,

Kabullah doa Pontianak,

Kabul guru, Kabul aku,

Dengan berkat Lailahaillallah.”


(Small pepper, black pepper;

Wait until the young Peri.

Small brother, brother of dark skin.

So-and-so is hit,

The spirit of Pontianak from jungle,

I know your origin,

You stay on a sheet,

I ask for antidote, I ask for your blessing,

Make the Pontianak prayer happen,

Teacher’s happen, mine happen.

With the grace of there is no god but God.)


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