Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Curse Of Puteri Lilin (Wax Princess)

“Puteri lilin” or literally "wax princess" is a Malay idioms meaning that a person who cannot stand heat.


Similarly, the curse of puteri lilin is meant to kill your opponent using fire magic. It is said that the victim will die of fire related incidents, such as burning alive in a fire etc.


The ritual is as below:


·         Get some nails or hair of your intended victim.

·         Make a wax doll as before and insert the personal effects into the doll.

·         Scorch the doll over a white candle flame while reciting below mantra7 times. Repeat the ritual for a consecutive of 7 days. After that, burn the figure and your victim will die.


The mantra:


“It is not wax that I am scorching, it is the liver, heart and spleen of so-and-so that I am scorching.”

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