Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Amazing FS Magic Square

Feng Shui is all about formulae and not related to any magic or religious rituals.

Originally there are two major components in Feng Shui: the first is the flying star (九宮飛星) methods as shown in the above Saturn magic square. The second part is the auspicious date selection using planetary timing and locations (天星擇日).

The are many applications for the flying star methods:

  • To determine the chi of a land, town or a country (地運).
  • To determine the chi of a house or a shop (宅運).
  • To determine the chi of a year, month, day or even hour (紫白).

Once the star chart of a premise is set, an auspicious date should be selected for subsequent work such as the begining construction of the building or for moving into the new house.

For example, if a house has the above flying star chart and the planatray yantra of that particular day; it is not advisable to do construction in the centre of the house as this will definately bring injuries to the workers and the owner.

The proper procedure of consult Feng Shui is before a property is purchased as this will save the potential owner loads of money and troubles. A house with bad Feng Shui is a house with bad Feng Shui, more so if the selected date is not so ideal. Feng Shui can only change a little and most of the time, moving house is the only option. Indeed, Feng Shui has many limitations. Hanging up Kalachakra plaque or any talismans will not and cannot change the conditions of the location.

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