Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not All About Magic

Since there are many requests to practice Thai magic still, so I thought is good to talk generally about learning Thai magic; as the matter of fact this also apply to any form of magic including  Javanese, Taoist etc. according to the way I was taught.


If I would device a magic course, it would sound something like this:


·         50% meditation & prayers

·         20% herbs and traditional healing

·         10% astrology

·         10% conjuration

·         10% magic


Meditation and prying to lineage gurus are important to tame our confused minds. Basically there are three stages of meditation in traditional magic traditions:


1.      The reflection stage (1 year)

a.       Conscious rethinking of a particular event that sacred you in the past

b.      Repent about what is not so good in the past

c.       Did I miss out anything I didn’t think of?

2.      Distinguishing the truth from false (1 year)

a.       This is a challenging stage as the practitioner will face with many real and hallucinations, and it is up to the individual to identify the truth. Many people will go crazy in this stage.

3.      The stage of clear mind (1 year)

a.       At this stage, the person would have trained his or her mind at such a level that he or she understands him/herself, his/her own weaknesses, illness and others.


Besides meditation, a practitioner will also need to understand basic herbal knowledge, the seasonal cycles and basic healing methods for him/herself also for others. Basically as I was told by my guru, the original purpose of learning magic is mainly to heal physical as well as mental or spiritual illness.


The need to master astrology need not be disputed as many magic and healing works are done according to certain days of specific month. Some magic rituals are best to be performed on a Tuesday night while others on Thursday night. Most importantly, the master must know the requestors’ characters to decide if the persons should be helped or otherwise.


Spirit conjuration is normally done after the person completed the 3 year meditational retreat. There are many reasons to call up spirits:


·         For getting magic power

·         For obtaining herbal knowledge

·         For protection

·         Most importantly, one must proof that he/she has mastered his mind completely and cannot be harmed by the spirits he/she has subsequently conjured


Finally we can now put all what we have learnt into magic rituals for various purposes. Getting a manual and start chanting will not have any benefits. On the contrary, the persons may suffer from bad lucks as they don’t understand themselves as well as the magic systems they are working at. For example, praying to Phra Ngan without the guru’s blessing will not yield desirable results. Even if it works at all, it is based on pure luck. Open up the astrology charts will reveal the truth. So, shall we go back to the basic?
Yeah, yeah... I hear you, people are pretty busy these days. Well, no pain, no gain folks :-)



  1. dear liew,

    how do we Distinguishing the truth from false?

    1. Hi,

      The false is like illusion or evil spirit; the truth is what it is.

      There are many methods to distinguish truth from false:

      1. Once we see an apparation in meditation, we can test it with mantra, hand gesture etc. to see if it responds to our enquiry.

      2. We can use a locking method to lock it to force it to reveal itself.

      3. We can also ignore it and see what it will do next.

      But most of the time, people already scared to death in an empty dark room.

      So I say it is dangerous and people can go crazy.