Friday, April 12, 2013

Malay Hatred Magic (Pembenci)

Tukas or fish tail palm leaves are main ingredient in hatred magic

There are many hatred magic meant to separate a couple. Below is one of these examples:
  •  Make two wax figures of the couple as usual.
  •  Sit down with your legs stretch before you.
  •  Hold the wax figures face to face and recite the below mantra three times, at the end  of each recitation breathe upon their heads.
  • Then lay the figure of the man on your right side close to your tight but look away towards the right side.
  • Similarly put the figure of the woman close to your left tight but look away from each other.
  • After that, burn benzoic incense and recite the mantra 22 times to the man and 22 times to the woman.
  • Now put them back to back and tie with 7 color threads.
  • Wrap them with 7 layers of tukas (fish tail palm) leaves then tie the package with 7 color threads.
  • Repeat the mantra times then bury it under a big tree.
  • Go to the place again after 7 days and dig the package out.
  • If you can find the package, then the magic has failed, otherwise it will work. The couple will divorce in 100 days time.
The mantra: 
“Ndit marangan ‘ndit!
Angkau Fatimah kambing,
Si Muhammad harimau Allah;
Kalau Fatimah tentangkan Muhammad,
Saperti kambing tentang harimau.
Muhammad sebear-benar hulubalang,
Harimau Allah di atas dunia
Dengan berkat la ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasullah.”
(You, Fatimah are a goat;
Muhammad is God’s tiger.
If Fatimah is face to face with Muhammad,
She will be as if a goat facing a tiger.
Muhammad in very truth is the Chief,
The tiger of God upon earth,
By the grace of the God,
Muhammad is the Prophet of God.) 

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