Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Franchise Thai Magic Gone Haywire

I never realized that Thai magic can be learnt through franchising method until Ms Chen came to see me this morning.


Basically the modes of operation are pretty simple. First you pay a certain fee; say $3000 for the first year, and then the Arjarn sends you a Yant and some talismans. You must consume the Yant. So what’s the catch? The catch is that you must renew your ‘license’ annually and secondly, your yearly subscription increases over time. That is to say that you may pay $3000 this year, but you probably would be asked to pay $6000! But most scary of all is that the Arjarn already has all your particulars, if you refuse to pay; then you would be cursed as in the story of Johnny from Singapore. Let me just refresh your mind:



Perhaps Ms Chen’s story also serves as a grim reminder of the danger of magic franchise:


Ms Chen is a 24 year old social escort working in a bar in Penang downtown. As with all other social escorts, her income was quite inconsistent. We all know that there are many cash rich bar hoppers that are willing to spend to get fun. Ms Chen figured that the only way to get fast money was to learn Thai black magic.


As the going says, if you have will; you will have a way.


Ms Chen’s colleague knows one famous Arajrn in Thailand. So Ms Chen gathered the required fund and flew to Thailand to meet this Arjarn. The Arjarn gave Ms Chen a Phra Ngan, a bottle of corpse oil, a kumantong and a Yant to be consumed. Amongst many instructions from the Arjarn, the weirdest thing was to collect her customer’s pubic hair to worship Phra Ngan.


I was told by Ms Chen that she has made $500,000 in the first year. But somehow she felt her ‘business’ wasn’t that good towards the end of her first year contract and her kumantong gradually losing power. Finally, Ms Chen resort to visit the Arjarn again to seek for more power.


This time, the Arjarn want $10,000 as a term to renew the contract. Ms Chen thought that wasn’t worth it so she started to bargain with the Arjarn. Somehow the Arjarn was angered during the bargaining process but he finally agreed to keep the price for second year to $5,000.


Ms Chen didn’t realize her nightmare just begun. First her skin started to itch and somehow, her $500,000 just wasted away slowly in a year’s time. Now she said that she is back to square one and in debt.


Did I help her? Well, there is a price to pay for everything.



  1. I read a book saying the same story. It is true that the hooker can get rich quick but only for a short span of time. That bad karma will hit her soon, and bingo! She is now back to square one.