Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Repent Of A Singaporean Arjarn

I was pretty busy for the past two weeks due to many requests during Ching Ming festive season. Amongst many visitors, the story from a Singaporean Arjarn attracted my interest a lot. I managed to compile the story and share with you as this person has spent his entire life in the study of magic but now rather spend the rest of his life to be a faithful Buddhist. Perhaps some of you have already met this guy, but for his privacy; I will just call him Johnny.


Johnny is from Singapore and in his 70’s. He called me up last Wednesday evening and asked if I was free to talk. I said okay and after a round of casual chat, he asked me a very strange question:


“Mr. Liew, do you know why all my manuals, lersi and Buddha statues cannot protect me from my ‘beloved’ guru’s flying needle?”


“What did you said?” (I thought I have heard it wrongly as can you imagine that your beloved guru can send flying needles to you?)


“My guru wanted to test how his disciples were doing, so he put 9 flying needles to me, including my wife and children were also hit. I am okay now; it finally took a total of 7 arjarns to combine force to remove all of the flying needles. I just want to check with you why all my holy statues failed to protect me from the attack of flying needles?”


“Hmm… There are many reasons… First of all, the statues have no power as you have not worshipped it properly. Then you must have offended your guru somehow until he wanted to punish you severely, or what you have learnt didn’t work… Have you done anything wrong?”


(There was a long silence from the other end of the line and finally…)


“I am not sure, I have learnt from an Arjarn in Singapore but I didn’t complete the course, actually I have boxes of manuals, a room full or big and small lersi statues and many more leklai stones etc…”


“Hold your horses, Johnny. From what I see, you haven’t got the full transmission from your guru. The manuals are quite incomplete and forget about the statues, as you only make offerings to them twice a month. Since your altar receives not enough incense offering, the altar is considered ‘cold’ and cannot protect you in anyway.”


“By the way, are you still practicing Thai magic?”


“Oh, I don’t want to touch any more magic stuff; now I only practice Japanese Mantrayana. I have given out all my manuals, amulets and statues out… etc. etc.”


I have to put a stop on the conversation as it just went on and on, perhaps you will come across Johnny selling his collections. It is a small world.


  1. So an altar has to be kept hot-what else except incense does it need? food offerings, candle? what else? thank you

    1. Normally a standard SEA altar will have offerings such as flowers, fruits, oil lamps (best to be kept lit 24 hours)... most importantly the altar should be 'opened' by every morning prayers so said to invite the Buddha and lineage gurus to sit in.

  2. thank you for the precicous teachings

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