Thursday, April 11, 2013

Foods That Make Doctors Crawling

The western world has a proverb saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”


In the east however, we have something equivalent:




If everyone eats carrots and drinks warm tea; the doctors will be so upset (losing business) and have to craw all over the places.


It is said that carrots can control microbiological growth and improves appetite, while the tea balance the acidic substances in our body. But one must be careful as only to consume ‘warm’ tea as chilled tea will only make energy trap inside our body. This will be a problem when the outside temperature is high.




If one eats carrots in the winter, and he/she eats ginger in the summer; there is no need for a doctor to give prescriptions.


Basically carrots are very nutritious vegetables; they can strengthen the operations of our stomach, intestacies, and heart arteries, respiratory and urinary system.  The benefits of ginger need not be elaborated as this is a popular food and herbs. Generally, ginger is good for our bale and lever system. But if you are of the hot and dry base body characters, then limit the intake of ginger. I was also told that ginger can heal cancers, but I will leave it to the experts.


Whatever is the case, as the saying goes, “One man’s (or woman’s) meat is another man (or woman’s) poison.” Do check up your conditions before consuming any foods for healing purposes.


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