Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Science Of Eating

There is a saying: “We are what we eat.” I add another saying: “We are where we eat.”


In Ayurveda and related system, it is believed that when you eat your pranic body opens up and absorbs the elements in your environment. So eating with gangster increases evil in you, eating with scholars will increase your desire for knowledge. Similarly, eating with your boss will make you bossier like your boss J


In Thai magic, any protection magic will open up the pranic body and the person becomes vulnerable again, hence counter measures must be straightly followed to prevent the body shield from broken during meals.


Eating in a busy city street is like eating Rahu himself (Rahu is said to be full of toxin); while eating in a meeting room after some heated arguments are as if eating Mars (energy of quarrel and fight). Even if the food is nutritious, it has been polluted by the toxic energies in the environment you are absorbing as you eat. A remedy for anxiety caused by Rahu is take meals in a green place like a park or garden. By opening to the prana of nature and the colors of Mercury Rahu’s negativity is removed. This can be so affective people with anxiety and do not need medication after some time. Likewise, eating in a park with close contact with water fountain and earth will cool down the hot effect of Mars.


As the matter of fact, all the colors can be used in this way.


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