Saturday, April 13, 2013

Like Dogs, Cats & Mouses Too

There are two versions of this similar magic to cause dispute between two couples, first the Thai version and then the Malay version:


The Thai Version


Take 7 pieces of mouse and cat whiskers, some bird nest dust and burn them together with the below yant. Let both couple drink the ash and they will quarrel in due time:


The yant:



The Malay Version


Take 7 pieces of left whiskers from a black cat and a black dog, some waste cloth shredded into pieces, burn them together then add some lime. Use this mixture to draw a cross or an ‘x’ in front of the couple’s main door.


The mantra:


“Burong chandrawasi,

seakor terbang ke laut,

seakor terbang ke bukit,

tiada bertemu kedua-duanya,

bencilah Si Anu akan Si Anu:

Jikalau engkau tiada demikian,

Derhaka engkau kepada Allah,

Berdosa engkau kepada aku,

Dengan berkat petua guru,


Muhammad Rasul Allah.”


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