Monday, April 15, 2013

Everybody Has Some… Ghosts

I went to visit a very special old spirit medium in Air Itam and she told me this very interesting story. This medium is now at her 85 years old and now retired. She has a very special gift, i.e. she can see ghosts and I believe what she said is truth. So share her story with you:


“I can see ghosts when I was very young. Every time I told my mom what I saw she always scolded me that I shouldn’t scare people with my lies as mom’s friends always got a shock and their face turned pale. Such conversations normally have no good ending with everyone dispersed quickly from my house and gradually not many people were willing to visit my house.


To tell you the truth, I can’t really see them clearly… most of the time the ghosts only appear as black and white shadows, much like that of the out-of-focus old black and white photos. There are almost always with sad or crying face and I can’t really see their faces very clearly. By day, they are squatting under bridges, under tree shade or in some dark corners. They are active after 3pm daily or during rainy days.


Ghosts like to linger around hawkers or shops selling warm foods such as fried chicken and steamy meat stuffs. They normally consume by smelling… that is the very reason I never eat in shops outside.


Gradually as I got older, I turned my unique capability into my profession, i.e. a spirit medium. Every day I see people came in and out from my house with one or many ghosts at his or her back. The person with more ghostly followers means that person must be of some status… or he/she must have done some pretty big things that caused lives. Some of the ghosts wanted to pay their karmic debts, while others wanted to redeem their karmic debts from the person.


One day I was visited by a man and there were a bunch of 'people'… around 30 of them. So I asked him who he was… and he answered he was a doctor. And later I learnt that the gentleman was a pretty famous one too!”


So I guess, taken from here and if you have psychic eyes and can see spirits, you will know who the best doctor in town is now! Hahaha…


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