Friday, April 12, 2013

Vietnamese Yant Of All Gods

Yant of all gods

Yant to activate power of gods

A friend of mine sent me these multi purpose yants. So I post this Vietnamese yant of all gods for sharing and in the hope to get more information to enrich this Magic SEA blog.

The yants work something like this:

In the morning, draw the above 5 yants while facing rising sun.

At night, draw the above 5 yants again facing the moon or sun set direction.

Repeat the process for a consecutive 49 days.

After the 49 days of power rising exercises, draw the activation yant on your left palm. Blow a breathe on the palm then strike at your opponent. This yant acts something like the Hikmah distance punch. Other than that, it can be used to cure as with the reiki.

I don't have too much information on this. So, if you have more information, kindly also help to share to all readers if possible.

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