Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Help Of 5 Legionnaires (五營兵將)

The 5 legionnaire armies are the most powerful Taoist magic ritual in existence today. I have many feedbacks concerning their miracles. Below is one of the emails I received from Mr. Lee who has attested to their powers and effectiveness of these good brothers:


“I prayed to the 5 legionnaires army as you have suggested, enhanced by vivid visualization that the stolen item returned to me.


I had a heart-to-heart talk to the spirits that, I wanted this mater to be resolved in harmonious, happy and friendly manner, instead of turning us into enemies. I did not think they were all bad guys! I dreamt that I held the hammer in my hands days later. I was pretty sure that it would return to me one day. I kept on my sincere prayer few times.


This custom made hammer meant a great deal to me, as I have been keeping it for decades.


May be I was inspired or urged by the spirits that, I made a call to the plumber boss. He said would return the hammer to me if found out, his workers might be careless or forgetful. He never meant to be dishonest to me. What had happened few weeks later?


Around 1 pm yesterday, the boss came to my house with the hammer. He was very happy to see I still kept his few tools they left in my house. I sent drinks to his kids inside his car. He left me with a smile.


I still remember you said spirits response to me very well? I think spirits influenced both sides of us for such happy ending. In other words, they helped me from another dimension. A cynic may laugh at me that it was my effort, nothing to do with the spirits. Well, it is up to them what they want to say.


I will offer some drinks and snacks in my next prayer……..


Kind regards,



By the way, in case you have wondered; my 5 legionnaire armies are very different from ordinary ones. Try to believe.


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