Monday, April 22, 2013

Kumanthong Twins Who Like To Travel

Twin incense sticks for twin Kumanthong.

These are a pair of old kumanthong twins with the right one measuring at about 8" and the left one measuring at 9". I thought they are considered as big and rarely seen these days. Well, for me at least. The 9" one is an antique and from LP Tae and the smaller one is blessed by LP Yam. The twins look like collectors' items as they feel calmer and steadier unlike the ones put up for sale.


The reason I call them twins because the first time I pulled out a joss stick from my incense box, twin incense came out instead. This pair is perhaps amongst the more active ones as my coil incense literally burnt out quickly last night.


This morning when I visited a car showroom, one of the blue balloons meant for decorative purposes blew up in front of me and there was a black shadow rushed away from my sight when the sound of balloon bursting attracted my attention. Prior to this I was about 10 minutes late for my appointment. It was not like me as I usually will try to be punctual for any appointments. Later I learnt why while I was driving across Penang Bridge... There was a car accident right on my path. The twins saved my day again perhaps.


I would think this pair has travelled extensively across continents but they are now closer to home. So I put them under the watchful eyes of Kurba Archan and my familiar spirits.


Not sure if they will travel again in near future :)))



  1. I just bought a kuman from the seller in Thailand.It is yet to arrive, and I am nervous and anxious to perform the ritual.The seller told me that it will protect me from all harms and help me rich. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and hopefully it will work.

  2. J Tonga, share your experience with us. How are the kumanthongs?

    Would be interesting to know the before & after effect. Are you better off now?