Monday, April 8, 2013

Relax! It’s Only Feng Shui

Two months ago, my pal Mr. Kenny suspected his wife, Jenny was the victim of a love magic done by her boss as Jenny was many times late to return from her work. According to Kenny, this condition has persisted for around 4 years.


With this assumption in mind, he went to consult several mediums and got the same conclusion that it was indeed the working of love magic. Somehow he ended up at the front of my office. More so was that my fee was the lowest amongst all of the masters around.


Once Kenny was allowed into my office, he started his story from the beginning of their romance until their relationships turned sour. I just wondered how time flies as it was already passed 3 hours since Kenny told his story as my intuition told me to look at my watch.


“Hey, Kenny… pleases could you hold your horses for now?”


“… And why’s that?”


“You’re assuming that Jenny was under a spell… but this is the first time I hear the case that a boss has put a spell onto his subordinate. It is pretty unlikely to have a person do that in the same company… We still have an hour before traffic jam; let’s go to your house to investigate shall we?”


“I don’t see why not. Perhaps we can chat over the dinner.”


Kenny shrugged and put forward his suggestion. I really dislike long conversations but equally eager to find out the root cause of Kenny’s problem. So I took out my Feng Shui compass and out we went to Kenny’s house.


At Kenny’s place, I took the house direction and did a walkthrough inside and outside of Kenny’s semi-detach bungalow. It took me only 10 minutes for the site investigation. So I said to Kenny: “Okay. Let’s go. I’m done.”


“What!? You must be joking!! I thought you should at least light some candles and do some incantations…Don’t they all do that?”


I turn my head and look at Kenny’s astonishing face; then I spoke in slumber: “Relax! It’s only a Feng Shui matter… Your main door and bedroom door are facing south, Yin stars congregated at your door step no wonder Jenny is having an affair!”


“What should I do? How much it cost?”


“Follow my formulae and it only cost you $2, it is that simple. But the dinner will cost $100 and I wouldn't want to settle for less. Hahaha...”


Believe it or not, Kenny and Jenny are now living happily ever after.



  1. “Follow my formulae and it only cost you $2, it is that simple.''

    Dear sir,
    With due respect,
    why and how it only cost 2 dollar???
    May you please enlighten us about the simple solution formula?
    [I think many are eager to know!!!
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Get a ceramic bowl, fill it with water and some pebbles, get some Wan Nian Qing plant 萬年青.. I think this cost less than $2.

  2. Dear sir,
    With due respect,
    Thanks a lot for your reply,
    [I beg your pardon, but where to place the bowl???
    eg. in the bedroom or living room or near the room's doorway?]
    ps: I really enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Hi,

      The bowl can be placed anywhere depending on the condition and situation. It is very difficult to say generally.