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Spiritual Flower: Ngai Plant (鬼花)

Ngai is a Vietnamese word for a plant that has housed a spirit. Basically, spirits are well known to fond of attach to a plant. Famous ones are like the banana spirit or phi phop in Chinese and Thai culture.


The person who wants to have an ngai plant can go to a black magician to get one. After that the plant will then be placed inside his/her home. There are many purposes to keep an ngai plant; it can be for getting good business or to get a specific favour.


For the Ngai plant to exhibit various desired powers, a Ngai master needs to “bỏ công trục ngai”, or to call forth a spirit to enter the ngải plant. Masters may take three to seven nights to successfully ‘trục ngai’.


The mantra to “bỏ công trục ngai”:


Nhiệm màu thay nhiệm màu thay

Bạch đại ngãi bạch đại ngãi

Tạo hoá ban cho ta nhổ lấy

Nơi đây rừng buòn sương sớm chiều mây

Bạch đại ngãi bạch đại ngãi

mặt trời mọc phương đông lặn về tây

Thái dương lên làm ngày

Thái âm về làm đêm tối


Muôn thú muôn lòai nước nguồn cây cội

Bạch đại ngãi bạch đại ngãi

Xin hãy thương ta ta nhổ lấy

Đem xa rừng ở cùng ta mãi mãi

Án ba na, hấp tì na

Án ba na mê xi na cum pa

Đông tây nam bắc

Án ba na án ba na cum pa


A ngai plant that has not yet been trục ngai will be comprise of 100% plant matter which can photosynthesize all their energy needs from the sun. Once it has been trục ngai however, half of its makeup is made of animalistic, carnivorous matter that now requires the feeding of live animal sources.


The most common animal food source is a raw chicken egg. The quickest way to feed the plant is to crack the egg open and pour the egg, yolk and all, into the soil that nourishes the plant. If the egg is not delivered straight into the soil, it takes the plant at least a full day to empty the egg of its contents, without even the need to disturb the shell.


Some ngai Masters who are powerful enough to control the plant may need more power from the plant, which can be obtained by giving the ngai plant fresh blood from a chicken. There have been cases; however, where the agai Masters have lost control of the ngai plant, and serious damage was done to the Masters themselves.


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