Saturday, April 13, 2013

Conjuration Of Earth Gnome (Jembalang Tanah)

A said to be earth gnome apparition.
The more comprehensive worship of earth gnome can now be found in Kelantan Thai magic system still. But the below is the Malay version which is shorter and mainly meant to harm an opponent:


First take 5 handful soil from a known haunted place and put the soil into an earth ware. After that put the soil on your altar and make a wax figure as usual.


Prepare some food offerings such as yellow gluttonous rice, chicken, banana, pop rice, betel leaves and nuts, tobacco, some Benzoin and a white candle. For making the earth gnome fierce, one may also offer blood, raw meat and intestine.


Arrange all of the offering properly after sunset.


Repeat the ritual for 3 to 7 days or until you see results.


The mantra:


Al-salam ‘aleikum, hei Jin Tanah,

Jembalang Tanah, Hantu Tanah, Jembalang Bumi,

Marilah engkau aku minta turun, terima jamuan aku,

Aku nak suruhkan engkau,

Aku nak selang-seraya angkau

Aku nak minta sakitkan/gilakan/bunuhkan Si Anu.

Kalau kau tak terima jamuan ini,

Derhaka kau kepada Allah,

Derhaka kau kepada Muhammad,

Dengan berkat petua guru,

La-ilaha-illa-‘llah, Muhammad Rasual Allah.


(Peace be with you, Oh, Earth Gnome,

Earth Hustler, Earth Spirit, Hustler of the Earth,

 Come thou, I ask you to come down and accept my banquet,

I want to ask you to do something for me,

I want you to hurt/make crazy/kill so-and-so,

If you refuse to accept this banquet,

You shall be a rebel to God,

You shall be a rebel to Prophet Muhammad,

By the grace of my master,

There is no god but God, Muhammad is the Prophet of God.)



The earth gnome is one of the hardest spirit to be gotten rid of, so exercise caution and at best don’t try this ritual without a master’s guidance.

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