Friday, April 12, 2013

Footprint Soil Love Magic

Traditionally the Malays have many powerful love magic. Let us explore these love magic rituals using footprint soil:


Ritual 1:


·         Collect some of the dirt or soil from the person you intend to charm.

·         Wrap the soil with red, black and yellow cloth, with the yellow cloth being at the outer piece.

·         Hang the wrapping above your heart area on top of your bed with threads of 5 colors: red, black, yellow, green and white.

·         Get 7 pieces of green coconut leaf-ribs and strike the wrapping 7 times at sunrise, sunset and midnight while chanting: “It is not the soil I am striking, but the heart of so-and-so.”

·         You must perform this ritual for a consecutive 3 or 7 days.

·         After the period, the wrapping is buried in the middle of the path where your victim will step over.


Ritual 2:


·         Scrap some of the wood from floor or chair where the person was sitting.

·         Get some of his or her footprint soil and some bee wax.

·         Mold the mixture into the shape of a man or a woman accordingly.

·         Fumigate the wax figure with benzoin smoke while reciting the incantation for a consecutive of 3 or 7 nights:


“Om! I shout again and again!

Stupid and dazed.

Be the heart of so-and-so.

Thinking of me.

If you don’t think of me, 44 angles will curse you!”


Ritual 3:


·         Get some footprint soil of the person you wish to charm.

·         Wrap it as before with red, black and yellow cloth.

·         Make a soil figure then tear the figure into left and right halves.

·         Use threads of 7 colors to tie the two halves then fumigate them with benzoin smoke while reciting the following incantation 7 times, “So-and-so is bringing your soul home, sleep with he/she day and night and never be apart!”

·         You must perform the ritual for a consecutive 3 or 7 days.

·         After that wrap up the soil figure again with red, black and yellow cloth.

·         Put the package under your pillow and sleep on it for 7 days.

·         The package should be turned 1 time in the morning, and once at night.

·         After 7 days, bury the package in an open field.


What can I say more but, “Beware of your footprints folks!”


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