Thursday, February 20, 2014

Auditing Feng Shui With Face Reading (面相風水)

Common folks first audit Feng Shui by going to the site; experience ones audit Feng Shui by first looking at customers’ faces and ask simple questions. There are many telltale signs that we can pick up from customers before even venturing into Feng Shui proper.


Whenever a customer says that his/her house was visited by snakes, dogs howling in the mid of the night, or personally seen ghostly apparitions in the house; those are the indicators that the household is not at peace.


If the customer comes personally, we should observe his/her face carefully for if the visitor’s face is bright and shiny, then the Feng Shui of the house should be good. Although there may be some hiccups, things will sort out by themselves. The most that person will face is just a shock out of his/her wits. No big deal. On the other hand, if the aura of the person is black or grey, then the Feng Shui is definitely not good.


If a Feng Shui master is also well versed in face reading, then he/she will also look at the person’s ‘property palace’ (田宅宮) and the ‘grave area’ (墓壕) of the visitor. The ‘property palace’ refers to the current dwelling place and if this place is dark then the house Feng Shui would be a problem. The later refers to the Feng Shui of a person’s ancestral grave; if this place is dull, it indicates that the person’s ancestor may be cremated instead of burial. Or the person’s ancestral grave is destroyed or cannot be found.


In the event that the person cannot come and a representative is sent instead. We can also judge the visitor’s Feng Shui from the representative’s attitude. If the incomer is polite, then the owner should be sincere and honest. In that case, the Feng Shui would not be a big problem. However, if the incomer is fervent and instable; then the owner should be of the hot tempered and cruel. Likewise, the Feng Shui of this person would also reflect accordingly.


I would say that the above judgments are 80%-90% accurate. It is only when we have decided that there are indeed problems that we may proceed to perform a Feng Shui audit. In such a way, people would respect a master more and this is also to avoid wasting everyone’s precious time too.


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