Monday, February 17, 2014

Onto Honesty & Sincerity (厚重)

I don’t like to talk about face reading because by reading one’s face, I learnt the character of a person almost immediately and there is no room to change this fact unfortunately.


Basically there are two portions in the study of faces: one is the ‘body reading’ (身相) and the second is the ‘heart reading’ (心相). Literally the ‘body reading’ means reading the face and shape of a person and the ‘heart reading’ means reading the mind of a person. There is a Chinese saying:



(Our face is the product of our mind, it changes when our mind changes.)


That’s precisely the reason why I say that before one reads others’ faces, he/she must be able to read his/her mind as well. This should be the core of face reading.


There are many types of faces: honesty & sincerity (厚重), solemn & odd (清奇), rich & famous (富貴), fortunate & longevity (福壽) etc. Amongst all types, the honesty & sincerity type tops the list. As the saying goes:



(Human realm is full of common; honesty & sincerity tops the list.)


The honesty & sincerity type can then be subdivided into two subgroups:


·         External reading (形相) refers to amicable face(福相/善相)

·         Internal reading(心相) refers to honesty & sincerity(忠厚/篤厚)


Both of the external and internal conditions must agree with each other or conflicts will occur. If both external and internal readings match each other, we say that the person is fortunate and always lucky. Otherwise the person will be unfortunate.


For example, a plum person who looks amicable but with a mean heart (刻薄) and a frivolous (輕佻) behavior, then conflicts occur between internal and external conditions. This person is said to have no good ending.


Another example is that a thin and skinny person though looks pretty unstable, but if he/she has a kind heart; then this person is said to have good ending.


So the bottom line is still good having a heart rules all.

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