Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Empowering Five Ghosts (五鬼運財局)

An example of Feng Shui 5 ghost setting
Five ghosts (五鬼) refer to infamous demonic forces of east, south, west, north and center in Taoist magic. There is another version of five ghost system known as the ‘five legionnaire armies’ (五營兵) and this is the most powerful Taoist ritual concerning spirits. The ordinary five ghosts and the five legionnaire armies only refer to those spirits worshipped in a temple or in private altars for personal or business gain.


Normally these militia spirits are empowered with five types of meat: chicken, duck, pork, fish and eggs together with offerings of incense and candles on the 2nd and the 14th of Chinese Lunar calendar. Some folks in special kind of businesses such as gambling or social escorts will feed the spirits with raw meat, blood and intestines. In that case, a special room would be needed specially to house them. Only designated people may enter the room as per rule.


What I have mentioned above works fine but lacks the kick. I meant by feeding incense and food will only bring the spirits thus far, the best nutrition the spirits need is the earth’s magnetic field and energy. There is a way to boost up these five ghosts especially the five legionnaires so that these good brothers and sisters can do more things to satisfy our demands. Well, we don’t just ask the spirits to sit in the altar for nothing correct?


Naturally, the best way to let the spirits work for us is to provide them with a ‘comfortable’ home. In order to serve our purpose, we must now make use Feng Shui principle to make them comfortable and to draw in energy from the environment. The method is as shown above:


·         First, one must find a house facing a lake, pond, ravine or a rice field that satisfies the following condition: the house direction must be a yang direction between two yins; or a yin direction between two yang directions.

·         Now, through calculation one must find the best place to open a door for the good brothers and sisters to bring in the fortune.

·         After that, one must choose an auspicious date to set up an altar for the five ghosts or five legionnaire armies.

·         Start offerings to the spirits as per norm.

·         This method can only be used for 11 years or disaster will fall upon the owner on entering the 12th year.


Needless to say, the above method is for those who are confident that they can control spirits or demonic forces. This method is also best suited for business premises that require customer mass such as a restaurant, hotel, casino etc. For decent folks like you and me, we would be contented with the normal ways of course. I might be wrong, but let me know if you’re one of those more ambitious ones; then let’s talk something more serious… Hahaha!


  1. Dear sir,
    With due respect,
    Thanks for all the interesting articles.

    U said, "This method can only be used for 11 years or disaster will fall upon the owner on entering the 12th year."

    Why only 11 years, and what happen after 11 years...[and do u know anyone become rich using this scary method? Just curious only..hehehe :) ]

    1. Hi,

      I was told by my guru that once the GBs get a full 12 year cycle, they became so powerful that the owner will be eaten by them. So far, no one venture over 11 years taboo as yet.. U may be the first to try though.. ;-)

      This is the method I do for many special businesses.. As far as I know, they're doing pretty good.. But cannot reveal the names as bullets are cheap these days... Hahaha..