Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Old Chinese Ways To See Ghosts (見鬼術)

When the old Chinese folks experienced with strange or unbelievable issues, they will say:



“I must have been seeing a ghost!”


Well, that was a figure of speech and no ghosts were seen of course. Do you know that there are indeed many methods that enable one to physically ‘see’ our ghostly brothers and sisters? Let’s exclude those who have 3rd eyes or psychic eyes of course.


The water method


This method was taught by my grandma many years ago. The method is simple:


First the best time to see ghosts is during the ‘ghost month’ i.e. the 7th month of Luna calendar. When the time is right, choose an isolated road junction where there won’t be too much traffic during midnight. Now we must prepare a bail of water, a piece of newspaper, some joss sticks and candles.


Go to the junction at midnight. After that put the water bucket near the road junction, light the incense and candles; cut two holes in the newspaper. Sit in front of the water and peep through the holes towards the surface of the water.


Soon we will see images reflected on water surfaces and those are said to be the ghostly image of those good brothers and sisters.


Animal tears method


Some animal tears when applied onto our eye lids are believed to give us temporary ability to see ghosts. But I would caution anyone who wanted to try these methods due to hygienic reasons as animal tears contain germs that can harm our eyes:


·         People believe that when a dog howls, it has perceived ghosts in the vicinity. So, if anyone who collects its tears and applied onto his/her eye lids; this person may also see ghosts.

·         Tears of water buffalo when applied onto eye lids may let a person to see ghosts temporarily.


Sit in place of yin god/goddess


To try this method, one must go to a yin god/goddess temple, such as the ‘land god’ (城隍) at midnight. Remove the statue and sit in place of the statue. It is said that the person will see ghosts come to pay respects to this yin god/goddess as what ordinary folks would do.


Using old terracotta roof tiles


There are two ways:

Method 1:


We will need odd number of players, i.e. 1, 3, 5 etc. Naturally, the lesser number of players the better. After that, pour some water collected from a stream onto an old roof tile and then let this water flow into a glass. After that one must place the glass of water on the floor and the old roof tile on the glass.


Now, the players must form a circle by holding hands with the glass of water and the roof tile in the middle. When this is done, everyone shall be seated and staring at the water in the glass.


It is said that spirits may present in the glass and it is a demonic force, then the glass may explode. Whatever happens, no one should flee or bad things will happen to those who have participated in this game.


Method 2:


This is a more powerful method and it calls upon earthbound spirits whatever they are. First we must collect 7 pieces of old terracotta roof tiles and go to a known haunted house or location at midnight.


Now lay the terracotta tiles on the floor in the middle of the place.


Form a circle around the roof tiles. Be careful as no one should face the head of the line as the person may be possessed by spirit which will be released by the ritual. The leader of the game now goes into the circle and takes up a tile and then throw it onto the ground while saying, “breaking tile 1, I release the spirit in realm 1!” He/she continues to break all 7 tiles and after the last tile is broken, the group of players shall say:


“We release you from your bond. Come up to us now!”


Now everyone must sit quietly and stare at the center of the circle. Ghost or whatever is there will appear.


The mirror game


This is a simple game normally can be played alone in a known haunted place. One only needs to take a mirror and use this mirror to scan his/her environment. One must pay his/her attention to the reflections in the mirror and it is said that, ghosts will appear in the mirror if there is one around.


Using leaves and morning dew


Another popular way that enables one to see ghosts is by using leaves of willow () or banyan tree (榕樹) plucked early in the morning while the leaves are still wet with morning dew. One only needs to rub these wet leaves onto one’s eye lids and it is said that after the ritual, one is more likely to see ghosts after that. This method is only effective for a few days however.




There are many other unorthodox methods also:


·         Lying in the coffin or grave hole.

o   Ghosts will think that a new neighbor joining the crowd. So they just come and say ‘hello’.

·         Apply some grave dirt onto eye lids.

o   Please don’t try this as the microbial will certainly harm anyone who tries it.

·         Ground eyes of crow to powder and apply on eye lids.


Perhaps there are many more methods out there. Anyway, the above methods are posted for your viewing pleasure only. Just a small disclaimer: try at your own risks.


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