Saturday, February 22, 2014

Magical Use Of A Toothpick (牙簽)

You will definitely laugh at me if I ask you this question:


“What else can a toothpick do besides picking at food residues that stuck between teeth seams?”


Before I go on, I am sure that you must have this type of experience:


Some of your friends like to pay you a long visit where they just drop in your house and chat for hours. Perhaps they are over enthusiastic, or perhaps they are too talkative and these folks have perhaps forgotten that their good intentions have interfered with your daily life.


I can bet that you would be in a dilemma when visited by such a longwinded friend. On one hand you want to keep he/she company; you want to go about with your daily chores on the other. More so if you have taken your annual leave in order to settle a long delayed task.


No worries, we can make use of the below fairly simple Taoist ritual that can make a visitor leave your house fairly quickly.


When you feel that a person is disturbing your daily routine and wanted he/she to leave quickly you only need to excuse yourself for a short while, get a piece of toothpick and quietly go to your shoe rack.


If the visitor is a female, then pick up her right shoe and use the pointed end of the toothpick to inscribe the word ‘’ on the bottom of the shoe. If the visitor is a male, then take his left shoe and do the same. After you are done, arrange both shoes in such a way that the shoe tips point outwards. Immediately return to the visitor and pretend as if nothing has happened.


Believe it or not, your friend will naturally bid you goodbye soon. The good thing about this spell is that there is no side effect what so ever, and most of all; your visitor still thinks you are a very kind host.

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